Soul Powers

40 super powers to overcome the challenges and empower yourself.


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  • Card Game of 56 cards
  • Size : 8,5 x 12 cm
  • 84 pages booklet
  • Full Colour, Published by SOUL MOVIES

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Soul Powers : Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? Comment ?

Soul Powers cover

For whom?

  • All those who wish to develop their inner powers, their strength of character.
  • Coaching professionals: practitioners in life coaching and personal development, trainers, teachers, therapists.
  • Any practitioner seeking to enrich his/her toolbox

The game contains:

  • 2 lists of CHALLENGES cards
  • 40 POWER cards
  • 2 JOKER cards: Super Powers to use as jokers in all circumstances, 2 PRESENTATION cards
  • 10 MODES OF USE cards
  • An 84 pages BOOKLET, to deepen the understanding of spiritual intelligence and the impact of your inner strengths.


The game Soul Powers proposes to draw from your inner being the spiritual talents, the powers to face your challenges and thus become the hero of your life.

As subtle as they are powerful, these Powers will give you the inner strength to:

  • Take up the daily challenges of your professional or personal life
  • Know and appreciate others, get closer, harmonize relationships
  • Discover, develop and practice spiritual intelligence
  • Live and work together in pleasure.
  • The goal is to develop the Inners Skills to live in a greater well-being and success.

How to use Soul Powers?

Soul Powers can be played solo, in pairs, or in a group. The game aims to help you meet the challenges in your life with the support of your inner Powers.
You cannot always change situations. You can never change other people. The only thing you can change is yourself and the perceptions you have, the way you look at situations. Each Power card gives you keys to meet this very first challenge.

Each Power card provides four ways to approach the power:
Magic Thought: a powerful thought to keep in mind in order to manifest the power, a mantra that acts like a magic formula.
Good Questions: to ask yourself or others in approaching the Power, to help you and other players identify aspects to work on.
Potential Pitfalls: the draining thoughts and behaviours that blur your understanding and your connection to The Force.
Power practice: tips and perspectives for prac- ticing the Power in order to face the challenge.

Soul Powers proposes a lot of ways to play the game that you will find in the booklet: Speed Challenge, Auto-Coaching, Power Shoot; The Hero of the Week, Ice Breaker, Divinatory, Meet the Challenge, Coaching Mode, Co-development, Collective Portrait, Recruitment, Mini skills assessment, Praise Draw, Facilitation in pairs or in groups.

Unleash the treasures of your spiritual intelligence!

When you go on an inner journey, life becomes a game, or a quest, in which you are the hero, with the healthy distancing that this awareness implies. You have at your disposal 40 Super Powers with which to take up the Challenges. The more you use them, the stronger they get. The whole game is about using the right power at the right time. It’s a skill, it can be learned.

Challenges wake up the hero inside you. They are activators of your internal development. Without them, it’s impossible to discover yourself, to move forward, to grow, to change. By overcoming those limitations, you find the strength to battle with the dragons of your particular reality and claim victory over them.Through these battles you will meet an unsuspected part of yourself that turns out to be more powerful.

How nice, a new intelligence!

Marie Edery

What has been the biggest revelation in your life? For me, it was when I realized that I am not my body, but the living being that animates it: the soul.
I am the soul and I have a body.

One is the being, the other is the human.I had just found the answer to my most crucial existential question: who am I?

It seems insignificant, this little difference between having and being, but this realization was for me like a puzzle in which all the pieces suddenly fell into place to form a complete and perfect image. In fact, I am a little star who thinks. I loved this idea!Copywriters like me are always on the lookout for THE concept that allows us to tackle all the compo- nents of a problem, a common thread that can be drawn to unravel everything. I had just put my finger on a concept that I have since been exploring for thirty years without ever exhausting it, without ever getting tired of it.

This one truth is the key that opened the doors of a treasure store of achievements and Super Powers. Life became an adventure full of colors, subtle battles and secret weapons, a life of which I became the modest hero.After so many battles, quests and conquests, the hero is back with the Grail that s/he wants to offer to the world: inner wisdom, the spiritual intelligence that allows him/her to cope without violence.

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