Feelin’ Cards

Express your emotions and develop emotional intelligence.



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Feelin’ Cards : Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? Comment ?


For whom?

To all support professionals: facilitators, coaches, supervisors, trainers, social workers, educators, psychologists, therapists, managers, teachers, facilitators…

Each card represents an emotion, mood or sensation illustrated in a funny and expressive way.

These 52 big-headed “emojis” have been created especially to appeal to adults and support professionals as well as children.

The booklet supplied with the game offers a description of each state of mind and numerous modes of use, detailed for each use and profession.


How are you today ? What makes you happy, stimulates you, irritates you, stresses you out?

Defining and expressing your moods and emotions is what Feelin’ Cards offers you, your children and the groups you lead.

A powerful tool to develop emotional intelligence.

How to use Feelin Cards?

The Feelin’ Cards game is intended for everyone according to the need:

  • As part of an animation, a facilitation: icebreaker, energizer, team emotional diagnosis, management of tensions, mediation, recruitment, motivation, project management, discerning the hidden need etc.
  • On a personal level: to make people think or amuse them. How is it going ? What’s going on inside me? At time T? Over time?
  • As part of individual support: get the person to talk about themselves, their context of the day or a professional situation.
  • With children, as Jeff from Papa Positive explains in the video in french here

And you, how do you use Feelin’ Cards? Feel free to send me your testimonials contact@soulgames.fr

Feelin Cards exist also in french : Feelin Cartes

Sisters authors

Anna Edery

Consultant, trainer and coach for a humanistic and creative management. Author of books and educational games. Anna accompanies the men and women of the company in their professional and personal development, to reveal the best of themselves. Her approach is centered on values, creativity, and practice at the service of theory. Her ambition: to combine professional efficiency and humanism in business.

Marie Edery

Consultant, trainer and writer in communication. Author of books and games. Multimedia director. Marie likes to play with ideas and words to invent stories. For brands or for people, these stories are told in games, books, films or animated images.
Anna and Marie, accomplices since childhood in life as in work, are also co-authors of the game Valeurs Ajoutées and the game Boosters.

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