Added Values

How to introduce values in the corporate world in a funny way…


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Added Values : Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? Comment ?

For whom?

Consultants, trainers, managers, facilitators, practitioners use Added Values as an ice breaker for opening sessions, projection tool, facilitate a session using the common ground of core values.

Thanks to this beautiful, pedagogical and valorous card set, find a creative way to facilitate your trainings, interviews and meetings. Discover a new « Happy Families » game, an effective icebreaker and a great source of inspiration.

52 cards illustrated by children to introduce a note of creativity in your animations and lightness in the business world

Inspiring texts that encourage sharing and reflection.


  • By picking a card, we add value by the attention we put on it, and we add our own value by the meaning we give it.
  • Human capital is an essential capital of the companies and of society; it is on the basis of values ​​that this capital can flourish and bear fruits.

How to use Added Values?

This set of 52 large cards has been designed to be used by facilitators, life coaches, trainers, managers, human resources actors… as well as by individuals.

This game is both a:

  • Icebreaker tool, opening and presentation, projection, reflection, development
  • Identification tool, sharing and awareness of corporate values
  • Self-knowledge tool, of yourself and others
  • Ludic tool, by its randomness and its use as a “Happy Families” game
  • An ethical and educational gift

Each card contains: A children’s drawing representing the value. The value name accompanied by a small text acting as a definition, inspiration or a question creating a situation where you can share, project, reflect, or introspect yourself and others. If you wish to learn more about the game itself and how to use it please follow this link.


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