Photolangage® On The Road

66 roads and paths to tell your story, project yourself towards your aim and destination.


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Photolangage® On The Road : Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? Comment ?

For Whom?

Coachs, trainers, facilitators, managers, mentors, teachers, consultants, therapists…

ON THE ROAD is a selection of 66 projective images centered on a single theme: the path to take or to travel on. 66 possibilities of expression for your groups or just for fun. An ideal tool for your accompaniments, openings or closings of sessions, workshops, groups, facilitations or trainings.

Let’s hit the road! To go where ? Which way? How is the road to get there? Stay on the straight and narrow? Get off the marked trails? So many paths to explore with these symbolic images that take you to your destination, your goal, your project, your itinerary, your roadmap…


  • Icebreaker, introduction game
  • Unite a group, a team
  • Bring fun
  • Gently approach complex topics
  • Facilitate anchoring
  • Recount a situation, a vision in pictures
  • Generate emotions
  • Develop creativity

how to use ‘on the road’ cards?

Introduction and ice-breaker way

In a meeting, a training session, a seminar: everyone draw a card that particularly attracts them, shows it to the group, starting with: “this card is all about me because…”. Or : “I’m more of the type to rush on a highway or to stroll on a small path? I’m more American highways, mountain roads, large illuminated boulevards, forgotten alleys, forest paths, country lanes, caravan routes, the Silk Road, the wine route…”
Or else : “This road reminds me of a road from my childhood, or my holidays in Bali etc.”
And so, everyone introduces themselves in a lively, open, involved, evocative and playful way…

Cross-presentations way

Same principle in cross-presentations : I choose a card to present my neighbor, in relation to the representation I have of him. And vice versa. If I don’t know him, I choose according to what I perceive of him or her intuitively by observing him or her for a few seconds. And vice versa…

Photo montage way

To formalize or symbolize a team or a company project, a roadmap, an action plan, an educational itinerary…
The group can collectively create a photomontage that symbolizes the common vision, or each subgroup can materialize their vision using a photomontage and then present it to the group.

Accompaniment, coaching, therapy, education:

Ask your client or patient to choose a card to explore and clarify with them their project, their objective, their situation, their needs, expectations. You can ask your client questions such as:

  • What destination are you aiming for?
  • What type of road are you currently on? Does it suit you? And if not, what other route would you like to take?
  • What type of path will you take to reach your goal? Why?
  • Who are you on this road? The driver, the guide, the passenger, the spectator, the latecomer? Etc.
  • Do you need to draw another card to continue your journey, reach your goal… Which one?
  • What will your achieved goal look like? (with words or with a card)

You can apply these collective uses within the framework of individual support: personal coaching, management interview, recruitment interview, annual interview, coaching, therapy, education, school support, etc.

These cards are bilingual English/French. See the French version SUR LA ROUTE >

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